Good from Far, Farr From Good


Good from Far, Farr From Good

The Mumm 30 is one of our all-time favorite boats.  An exciting, technical inshore racer as well as a balls-out offshore machine, there are few designs more beloved by their owners and the wider sailing community. 

Unfortunately, the quality of a one-design boat can easily be undermined by shoddy class adminstration, and no one is shoddier than Geoff Staff, who runs both the dying Farr 40 Class and the near-dead Mumm 30s.  Stagg has seemingly done everything he could to destroy the class, alienating owners and crew alike while gleefully taking tens of thousands of dollars in class fees from the membership. 

While the Melges 32 continues to gain steam at the expense of both the Farr 40 and Mumm 30, Stagg has willfully avoided spending a dime on the kind of promotion that would emphasize the vast differences between the boats.  We have repeatedly tried to help, but apparently no one, including the owners, can wrest control from Stagg’s iron grip as he drives the fleet into the ground. Their recent choice of a PR vehicle says all you need to know about where they are headed.

The latest saga in the Mumm 30 class is this press release from Stagg Yachts.  It’s an admission that the last 18 months of sponsor searches couldn’t turn up a single prospect to take the name of the class over after Mumm Champagne pulled out.  They ended up negotiating a deal with Farr, the designer, to use their name for the ‘new’ Farr 30 Class – a last-ditch attempt to put a reputable name up to save a class that should have been easy to keep alive.  Judging from the lackluster Worlds fleet and the pathetic entry list at Key West, it’s way too late.  Damned shame. Jump in the thread.