BYM News has learned from the Australian Search and Rescue Service that a Ministry of Defence frigate will be leaving Perth, Western Australia this evening to evacuate Yann Eliès from his yacht Generali in the Vendee Globe. The Open 60 is hove to 780 nm south of Albany.

An all ships call ascertained that there is only one merchant ship in the area and it  would be unable to reach Generali faster than the frigate which, according to an SAR spokeswoman, could take between 3 and 5 days to reach the boat, depending on weather conditions.

Mark Guillemot, on Safran, who was about 100 miles south of Generali, when Eliès broke his femur, has diverted to offer moral support. He is making slow progress in a cross wind and difficult sea. Samantha Davies has also diverted and hopes to reach Generali in about 36 hours.