Big Enough For Ya?


Big Enough For Ya?

A 100 foot one design multi? Only the Arabs could think of that and that’s what they’ve done, though we suspect OC Events might be somewhere behind the idea.

The first in the series is being built in Australia, but will be fitted out in Salallah, Oman. We’re not sure what it will be like since the press release describes it as “a direct development of Francis Joyon’s IDEC”, “a sistership to Thomas Coville’s Sodeb’O” and adds “the designers took Dame Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q (now Musandam) as a reference and adjusted the general balance given the increased proportions of just over 100 feet.”

Funny, we always thought that IDEC, Sodeb’O and B& Q were somewhat different designs, but there you go. More on the story here and the first build pix are here.