Who’s Crazy?

Reader Rant

Who’s Crazy?

Should we not chastise Anne Qu’eme’re’ for obvious craziness, and more importantly disgust for being another person with a hair up their ass and enough money to do it.!!

I say she is no better than the cargo ships dumping trash at sea. I have read your articles in the past bemoaning the fact that our oceans are being plighted by corporate conglomerates who are either doing it when no one is looking, or not even regulated by their countries…. I know there are actual problems with pollution based on each person just throwing one piece of trash overboard thinking they are not making a difference.

Hell there are even programs educating personal fisherman that small amounts of bird nest line can kill endangered species. Yet this psycho built a kite boat and sailed it through the doldrums…THE DOLDRUMS!! . And now has left her boat and its batteries to the sea… Just what the temptress wanted for Christmas. Another broken dream of an already warped mind!! I say she should be forced to go salvage that joke of a vessel and pay for the recycling… Rather she is getting press for leaving it behind…

Better yet take a page from Captain Smith of the Titanic, and go down with your ship!!