Good News/Bad News


Good News/Bad News

The good news is that Bernard Stamm and his Cheminées Poujoulat are on board the Marion Dufresne, which has set off on its regular round of supplying the French Islands in this region. Now that his boat is safe, Bernard will no doubt enjoy the tour of remote places, before the supply ship arrives in the relative civilisation of Reunion Island.

The bad news is that the 100 kg steel plate, made up to hold Tenemos’ keel head in place, proved to be not man enough for the unexpectedly heavy seas that Wavre encountered on leaving the Kerguelens. Having sent a PanPan, Dominique has prepared his grab bag and got into his survival suit, though he isn’t abandoning the boat for the time being. With more wind forecast though, the possibility remains there.

Pic from TAAF, more Vendée pix and vids here. including a new vid from the deck of Ecover. Beats us how more of these guys don’t get lost overboard.