The Last of the Mohicans


The Last of the Mohicans

This week’s article from Jocelyn Blériot is a collaborative effort that results in SA making a weekly donation to a charitable event. Doctors Without Borders is our choice for this week.

Since last week, a lot of hopes have been shattered in the Vendée Globe fleet, and we certainly wouldn’t want to receive the bill from the repair guy, considering the price of carbon these days. But so much for economic considerations, SA already has a specialist in that domain with Sir Walter, and having gone through his complete works this weekend I urge you lot to order and read Sailing Sucks, should you crave that extra bit of wit which could allow you to stand out (for the right reasons) at your next dinner party.

But where were we… disaster, yes. It was somewhat heart-breaking to see Loïck Peyron lose his rig last week after having led the race for some 16 days thanks to flawless tactics and extraordinary seamanship, proving (if needed) that all the punters who had stuck a "race favourite" label on him were more than right to have done so. Loïck was playing to win, could easily have voiced his frustration and anger right after the incident, but instead reacted with the utmost dignity when contacted by the race organisers for a special audio session. "Some things are much more serious than this", he simply said in his typical soft-spoken manner – being able to put things into perspective in the heat of the moment undoubtedly is a sign of wisdom.