Going South

Ocean Racing

Going South

The 40 foot brigade is heading in the right direction, south to New Zealand in the Portimao Global. This is a great event, a real chance for rank amateurs to get in there and do it, without having to find a sponsor with money to burn. We’d have a go ourselves if we had the bottle.

Sunday’s start from Cape Town was a bit slow, but the wind picked up from the south overnight and the fleet split. Beluga Racer, Roaring Forty and Desafio Cabo de Hornos kept close to the rhumb line, whilst the van der Wel brothers, Jeremy Salvesen, Nico Budel and David Thomson on Team Mowgli headed due south in search of fresh westerlies.

Whitbread veterans always tell you to get south from Cape Town as quickly as possible, but that option seems doubtful this time; you’ve got to look a long way to the west to find low pressure. Photo Global Ocean Race. More here.