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Money Go Round

From anarchist Delta Blues…

If you go to Guidestar.com you can look up the IRS990’s of Charities (charitable tax forms are public record). It provides the following information on U.S Sailing’s funding of Olympic hopefuls as of 2006. With a budget of about $2,700,000, they gave away direct grants totaling $100,000 as follows:

Ben Barber $4,000,
Sally Barkow $1,500,
Dalton Bergan $1,000,
Seth Besse $3,500,
Graham Biehl $1,000,
Steve Bodner $500,
Danielle Brennan $2,500,
Andrew Campbell $4,000,
Deborah Capozzi $1,500,
Amanda Clark $1,500,
Kim Couranz $50,0
Carol Cronin $500,
Robert Daniel $1,000,
Geoff Eweson $500,
Elizabeth Filter $1,000,
Brad Funk $3,500,
Michael Grandfield $500,
Hal Haenal $3,000,
Farrah Hall $1,000,
Carrisa Harris $500,
Randy Hartranft $1,000,
Tedd Himler $1,000,
Andy Horton $1,500,
Carrie Howe $1,500,
David Hughes $1,500,,
Mike Karas $500,
Isabelle Kinsolving $500,
Mike Kuschner $500,
Morgan Larson $1,500,
Justin Law $500,
John Lovell $1,500,
Alice Manard $1,000,
Karen Marriott $500,
Erin Maxwell $2,000,
Stuart McNay $1,000,
Mark Mendelblatt $2,500,
Sarah Mergenthaler $1,500,
Michael Miller $500,
Mike Anderson-Mitterling $1,500,
Eric Monroe $1,000,
Danielle Myrdal $500,
Brad Nichol $1,500,
Charles Ogletree $1,500,
Darrell Peck $1,000,
Margaret Podlich $500,
Melissa Purdy $1,000,
Zack Railey $4,000,
Paige Railey $1,000,
Chris Rast $7,500,
Mark Reynolds $3,000,
Nancy Rios $1,500,
Enrique Rodriguez $1,000,
Kyle Rogachenko $1,000,
Peter Spaulding $1,500,
Mark Strube $2,500,
Ian Sutherland $1,000,
Hannah Swett $1,000,
George Szabo $1,000,
Don Thinschmidt $500,
Jerry Tullo $1,000,
Anna Tunicliffe $1,500,
Tim Wadlow $8,000,
Royce Weber $500,
Drew Wierda $500.
TOTAL $100,000

Do you have any thoughts about where the rest of the money goes and the efficient use of that money ($2,600,000 out of the $2,700,000 available)?

Do you think the allocation to the athletes is fair, like why do some get $500 while others $8,000?

Would anyone like to compare this 2006 funding to the results in the 2008 Olympic Games?

As a donor, is this what you would have expected of the use of your money?

Who do you think is getting fat on the other $2,600,000 that they don’t disclose the expenditure of?

Can anyone explain the ratio of $100,000 to $2,600,000?

I have heard from many Olympic Team members that the money they get from U.S. Sailing was paltry, at least now I can commiserate with them. Weigh in with your opinion.