Ocean Racing


No way would we want to go round the world alone, nor do we posess the stones required to do so, but we reckon that if you’re gonna do it you shouldn’t whine when it gets tough and Thomas Coville’s latest dispatch seems to be one long whine: “I’m making headway again, but my stomach’s been so knotted up for several hours that I can’t sleep or eat and I hold my breath every ten seconds. I have two massive weights pressing on my temples and making my stomach tight.”

Okay so maybe he’s sick, but it seems way off Loick Peyron’s cool approach to real trouble. After losing his mast, he calmly reported “The following hour involved a great deal of work. On a deck completely covered with shards of carbon, it was necessary to cut the ‘umbilical cords’, which link the mast to the boat. The spar had broken into three or four pieces and this debris was beginning to pound against the deck and the hull. There are a fair number of points of impact, but there’s no structural problem to report.” A few hours later he was jury rigged and making a speed any 5 knot shit box owner would envy.

Read Coville’s account, then tell us what you think on the Coville Ocean Racing Anarchy thread. Good times.