Smackdown Down Under

Bora the Exlorer

Smackdown Down Under

Our Moth ace and absentminded tinkerer Bora Gulari reports from the Sydney International Regatta (SIRs), where three of the top four spots (of 19) were owned by Americans.

Charlie McKee, [16 year-old] Hans Henken, and I traveled to Sydney for this event – it was the first chance for the US fleet to check in since the Weymouth World Champs.

Day 1:  I ended up with way too good of a start in the first race – after 30 seconds I was a hundred yards ahead of the fleet, and the scariest boat in the harbor – the Manly Ferry – was inbound at 23 knots.  Sydney Harbor gives right-of-way to these ferries, and their unwillingness to turn away from a sailboat is legendary.  I got across his bow, and found three marks in the water that could have been a weather mark.  I chose poorly, and took every boat in the fleet but  Charlie and Scott Babbage with me – we all were DNF.  Race 2 wasn’t much better.   Another good start, duking it out with Scott for the first three laps and putting some distance on him by the fourth.  I lost count and sailed a fifth lap – this time only bringing four boats with me.  Again Charlie got it right, crossed the finish line, and took the bullet.  I went across in second – after sailing the extra lap!