Sailing Sucks

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Sailing Sucks

About the only thing that spoils living in interesting times is yourself being the very reason that they are interesting. Seems our entire backlog of correspondence has been put before Committee with me accused of “backseat driving” international policy of both yachting and sailing.  A chap just does what he can to help you understand!

Of course I should have twigged back when that ‘Sailing Sucks’ piece first leaked out – it’s that Snivellworth niece who does a half shift each month in Membership and Archives next to the photocopier room. Had access to everything she did – once a month at least.

Worst of it is that their young Nigel has found out about the Olympic team being finalised before all the selection regattas were held and he is trying to make something of a ‘technicality’ of it. Fortunately he wouldn’t have made selection anyway but he’s rather holding us to ransom by threatening to tell all.