Rescue She


Rescue She

Remember Anne Quéméré, the chick we reckoned was crazy to try and kite sail across the Pacific? We were right; Anne was rescued at 0130 this morning by the 294 metre cargo vessel Maersk Mytilini, which had diverted to her aid and has now resumed its route to Panama. Despite the differences in size, CROSS Gris Nez told BYM News that the rescue operation was carried out “without any problem”. Sadly, Anne’s OceanKite had to be left to the mercy of the ocean. Anne was forced to send a distress signal when, after being becalmed in the Doldrums for 10 days, it became apparent that her batteries were about to fail.

After 10 days in the Doldrums, where her only progress was backward, Anne finally decided she had to give up when her batteries were almost flat and there was no wind to charge them. A cargo vessel has diverted and should be with her about midnight GMT.

We salute you Anne, you made it halfway and – crazy or not – you sure have a lot of bottle. If any of you don’t realise what a challenge this was, you can see more pix of the little OceanKite here. This one’s by dad, Ronan Quéméré. Let’s hope the master of the cargo vessel has the means and the will to get it on board.