Record Volvo Coverage

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Record Volvo Coverage

A glowing report of TV coverage for the VOR from Sports Business International. Much like F-1 however, these are international TV markets, where people apparently actually care about the sport. And much like with F-1 here in the States, nobody cares about sailing either.

The world’s premier global sailing challenge, the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09 generated record television coverage, according to new figures released today.

Sunset+Vine, the television company which produces and distributes coverage of the race revealed that the challenge is being shown by 68 broadcasters to more than 100 countries – a 20 per cent increase in broadcasters for the 2008-09 race, compared to 2005-06. The increase in coverage is attributed, in part, to the introduction of brand new elements such as HD format and the introduction of a media crew member for each boat.

Nina Scales, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sunset+Vine, said: “We are delighted with the interest. We have all the real heavyweight broadcasters on board and the geographical spread is particularly pleasing. We have the major broadcaster for the country of each port-stop, and their commitment to the race has certainly increased. When you have the likes of CCTV broadcasting in China and PBS in the US, you can be the sure the race has the best possible reach.”

The narrative of each boat’s journey is charted by seven on-board cameras, operated by a media-trained crew member, whose job is solely to ensure the best coverage, leaving the other crew free to focus on the sailing.

The race started in Spain in October and takes in 11 ports, concluding in St Petersburg, Russia, in June 2009.