Scary Monster?


Scary Monster?

An exclusive for Sailing Anarchists from VOR Puma skipper Kenny Read…

The Monster is back.  And there are no excuses for the sailing team.
That is the clear message we have sent to all involved with PUMA Ocean Racing.  The boat building team and the engineers have come up with and pulled off a small rebuild that has given the sailors the confidence to get back on the horse and push it hard. There is no other way right?

The fore and aft stringers have been upgraded or replaced in about half of the boat.  Not in a huge way, but certainly toughened up to the point where they can put up with a lot more abuse.  The beauty of carbon and modern engineering is that all of this can happen with very little weight hit.  All good from the sailors point of view.

One of the big steps now is cleaning out a boat that has been a full work zone for days.  Hot, dusty, and dirty- not exactly the perfect atmosphere for a work zone.  At least there has been no rain.  That would have made things a bit more difficult.

So, we are ready to get back at it tomorrow.  Boat goes in the water today (Tuesday) and hopefully sailing tomorrow afternoon.  The machinery had to be ripped out of a large part of the interior to do the repairs so going sailing and finding the gremlins is a big deal.  We have to find problems before we leave.  That is the key.

Next leg is shaping up to be a lot of light air upwind.  Not exactly il mostro weather but we shall see.  We are sailing again into parts of the world that have a lot of unknowns.  It will be interesting no matter what.  Fishing boats, nets, long lines, pirates, Indonesian Navy…oh and the other competitors.  Not sure who or what will be a tougher challenge.  Photo by Sally Collison.