No SA?

No SA?

So let’s see if we’ve got this right – something called the World Yacht Racing Forum is starting today. It is full of all kinds of mostly wealthy big wigs in the world of yacht racing, and is being held in Monaco, the bastion of exclusivity. Sure, Paul Cayard and Keith Mills and Brad Butterworth and others will engage in discussions that we’re sure will be just fascinating. Also, a number of topics are going to be discussed, including "How can we improve the exposure and interest of Sailing to Broadcast and Media?"

Interesting that the World Yacht Racing Forum would discuss topics like this without hearing from the most popular yacht racing web site in the world – that of course would be Sailing Anarchy. We offered to come speak – giving our views on the issues and some perspective, and we were rejected. Now why would that be? Too low brow for their high priced circle jerk? Maybe we’re a bit too outspoken? They don’t care about the rank and file? Perhaps we’re too profane for their cultured ears?

Our feelings aren’t hurt – can you imagine the amount of stink eye we would have gotten from most of those big wigs had we been there? Good times! But we think they are missing out on a great opportunity to hear from the one media outlet that represents the yacht racing community better than anyone else.

Besides, how classic would it have been to have a drunken Ed walk up to the mike and say "first of all, I’d just like to say y’all can kiss my ass…"