Mr. White


Mr. White

Our friend Jocelyn Blériot is going to be contributing a bit more here at SA, and one of the things we decided to do together was to donate some money to a good cause. Every time we publish Joss’ work, we’ll be donating to a worthwhile charity – this week it is unicef. Just doing a little good in the world.

That Vendée Globe is pretty frantic alright, but today let’s leave statistics and speedometers aside to look at one
of the men at the back: meet Steve White, one of the guys who allows the Vendée Globe to still be able to capitalise
on the spirit of adventure despite the rise of professionalism.

Let’s face it, until a bloke like Steve is actually on the startline, you tend to think that he’s just one of the many
dreamers who at some stage claimed they’d be taking part without getting anywhere near it. When I met him in Plymouth
in May right after he entered The Artemis Transat at the last minute, frankly I kinda was expecting to encounter a proper
nutter. And in a way, that’s what he is – in a good way. But until you’ve actually sat down with the man and let him tell
you the whole story, on the paper it looks a bit dodgy – a wife and four kids, a re-mortgaged house, a boat that’s eaten
up the family’s last pennies… and no shore team to make sure it’s actually safe? Yet in just 10 minutes, White can completely
shatter any preconceived ideas – no, he’s not an irresponsible loony, yes he does mean the actual Vendée Globe and no he won’t
give you any BS about having dreamt about it ever since he was a kid.