The Other Race

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The Other Race

Sailonline.org offers an online yacht racing experience like no other. Accurate polars plots, state of the art weather and real-time chat are combined to create the ultimate online environment. Did we mention that it’s FREE. No extra sails to be purchased, no credits to buy… The next big event on SOL is the race from Cochin to Singapore starting 13 December. Registration opens 08 Dec. Grab your VO 70 and hit the starting line. Other upcoming events to look for include a race from Sydney to Hobart on Boxing day.

Comments from the players: 

  • “Sailonline have got it right insofar as you can pre-programme course changes in the standard FREE version…“
  • “You guys rock hardcore”
  • “It has everything I want and nothing I don’t want. It’s certainly a sailing (strategy) competition rather than just a game and you are rewarded or punished for your decisions.”   
  • “It’s a blummin good little proggy.”

Sailonline.org’s parent company Sailport also produce the   weather routing program Sailplanner (yes it is also available free of cost!).  The free version includes Polars for a VO 70 and an IMOCA 60 as well as several generic boats of various sizes! Download it now and use on the water or online..