Match Game


Sebastian Col found himself on the wrong end of a Peter Gimour protest at the Monsoon Cup. Here’s his view. The last and decisive event for the World Match Racing Tour and Championship ended up being very frustreated for us. After winning the last race of a best of 5 series of the quarter finals against Peter Gilmour on the water, a red flag protest by Gilmour was decided by the International Jury in his favour. We are very disapointed and surprised about this decision which not only did put us out of the race for the Monsoon Cup but even more importantly for the battle for the ISAF World Championship of Match Racing.

Most of you certainly have heard about this incident on which we would like to share our point of view.

The facts are from the International jury report :

Monsoon Cup 2008 – Decision of the Internation Jury
Quarter Final, Match 5 (Gilmour v Col)
Gilmou Request for redress
Jury Panel:
Bill Edgerton (GBR IJ), John Standley (AUS IJ), Shane Borrell (NZL IJ), Richard Slater (AUS IJ) and David Kamer (AUS)