Beat the Champ

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Beat the Champ

From the Mirsky Racing Team at the Monsoon Cup.

Today was Peter Gilmour’s time to shine once more, taking out the finals 3-1 to New Zealand’s Adam Minoprio to become the champion of the Monsoon Cup for a second time. Despite being knocked out of a chance for making the top 2, we took down the current 2 time world champion Ian Williams 2-0 in the petit finals to seize 3rd place.

It was a semi finals series that wasn’t meant to go our way, losing the first race within mere metres of the finishing line. After leading the entire race, Gilmour managed to squeeze into the lead at the finishing line, knocking us down to 2 losses. We then bounced back in the next prestart, forcing him onto the wrong side of the starting boat, but the tide sucked us up into the start boat and we were snagged. With 2 penalties on us and an easy minute’s lead off the line, Gilmour went on to win the series 3-0.