Melges 32 – Pick ‘Em

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Melges 32 – Pick ‘Em

Mr. Clean is doing his OTW thing live – right now! Check it out.

Melges 32 action from today. If team Anarchy was to have a boat, wouldn’t it be S/N # 666? Mrs. Clean took this shot.

With all that’s depressing in the world today, it’s refreshing to see a bunch of hard core sailboat racer/owners saying “piss off” to the economy.  It’s even more poignant when the former ‘king-of;the-hill’ Farr 40 Class just finished a pathetic 8-boat North American Championship just down the road in Miami last week, underscoring the passing of the baton that’s happened between the 40 and the M32 in 2008.  The 32 is what’s happening here in Fort Lauderdale, where twenty of the lightning-quick sportboats will square off Friday to Sunday for the Melges 32 Gold Cup.

We made it to the Lauderdale Yacht Club just in time to get some free beverages, and to watch the fireworks amongst the first ever Annual General Meeting of the newly ISAF-ratified International Melges 32 Class.  AGMs are always interesting, and when you combine some serious ‘Type-A’ businessmen with the mellow vibe from Wisconsin boatbuilders, things get interesting – interesting enough for new-to-the-class owner John Kilroy to actually walk out.  Kilroy was obviously frustrated at the meeting’s lack of direction, but despite the Class’s success, the 32 class is still figuring things out as they go.  With Melges Europe President Federico Michetti explaining his formula for the success they’ve seen in Europe, the majority of the owners listened and offered their input to the scheduling and rules issues that the Class will work with over the coming months.  Michetti may be the man to lead this class – he’s got the kind of experience dealing with the kind of personalities that make up some of the bigger programs and as he’s not afraid to admit, knows how to be an asshole when necessary –  Neither Andy Burdick nor Harry Melges is quite so well equipped.