Good Day

Match Game

Good Day

Team Mirsky are looking good at the Monsoon Cup.

With tricky winds and rapid current, day two proved to be a more challenging day for us, but with solid crew work and consistent communication we were able to come out of the day on top, finishing up with 6 wins and 2 losses. We had two big grudge matches today against the fellow Perth team Black Swan Racing headed by Keith Swinton, and New Zealand’s Adam Minoprio and his Blackmatch Racing. Both races fired up on all cylinders, but we were only able to out sail Swinton, as Minoprio’s team sailed smooth and fast after already winning the start to take it out.

Tomorrow holds some big races for us as we still have to face Williams, Col, and the big gun Peter Gilmour. Although we are sitting comfortably in 3rd place, we still have a lot of racing to do. Thankfully we have a strong foundation to build on and are taking positive steps in the right direction to taking this one out. For more updates, visit here or here or to follow the action live, visit sail.tv

Mirsky Racing Team