“Tomorrow, I Love Ya”

Record Run

"Tomorrow, I Love Ya"

Thomas Coville made a fast start to his attempt to better Francis Joyon’s RTW record, but failed to beat him to the equator. After that, he took a far west route round the St Helena high that baffled many observers and now, at a time Francis was passing Good Hope, Thomas is at least a day away.

Asked how he felt about his deficit on Francis Joyon, in a video conference today, Thomas said “I avoid looking at the summit of the mountain, otherwise it gives you the blues. I live from day to day. I’m moving my pawns forward telling myself that it’ll come good in the long run. Michel Dejoyeaux is making me feel good… I’m telling myself that if he can make it back into a race where the weather conditions are the same for everyone, then there’s no reason why, with different conditions, I can’t make a comeback too.” The vids of Sodeb’O rocketing along in the roaring forties are here.