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What might be the best product name of the year also appears to be one of the coolest. Check it.

Velocitek, the most recognized name in performance sailing GPS equipment, has announced the release of the Velocitek SpeedPuck.  The SpeedPuck combines a high-accuracy GPS speedometer, digital compass and bar graph wind shift indicator in a compact, durable package.  It is designed to be mounted on a dinghy or hand held when hiking on a sportboat.

"Over the past few years our customers have made it clear that they do not enjoy reading manuals.  We specifically designed the SpeedPuck so that anyone can figure out how it works in a few minutes without having to read anything." – Alec Stewart, Velocitek President and Founder

The SpeedPuck is designed for easy, hands-off operation in high-stress environments.  The wind shift indicator automatically locks on to your tack angle and then shows lifts and headers on the bar graph that runs around the perimeter of the over-sized LCD display. The SpeedPuck is designed for maximum reliability in a saltwater marine environment.  The SpeedPuck’s caseback screws on and off like the lid of a leakproof water bottle to reveal the battery compartment and USB connector.  In addition to this, the battery compartment is is completely sealed off from the device’s electronics, providing a second layer of protection against moisture.

In addition to providing easy to use real-time feedback, the SpeedPuck automatically records a rolling 20 hour GPS data log of the user’s most recent races and training sessions.  The SpeedPuck works with Velocitek’s SpeedPlay race replay software, allowing racers to combine their GPS data with other boats and create race replays superimposed on a map background.

The SpeedPuck makes a great Christmas gift for yourself or for a loved one who sails anything from an Opti to a Melges 32. Velocitek has less than 200 units available to supply their worldwide distribution network before Christmas. If you want to have a SpeedPuck before Christmas, Velocitek recommends that you go to store.velocitek.com and order as soon as possible.

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