Rags, Part II

On Board

Rags, Part II

More from from onboard one of the all time classics, Ragtime, on their tour Down Under…

The White Island Race started tough, and not our race – upwind, pounding seas, and a tough push. The rounding was top drawer – really interesting, dramatic, and worth the ride, but with the race going a bit weak as we were carrying fourth place.

The second evening brought a turn around. Into the dark, we could see we were catching their stern lights.  During the wee hours, this turned into drawing abreast with enough contact to make it a race again. Of the two, Ran Tan is a brand new and much faster canting 50 footer, and Starlight equally fast to us.

Sunday Morning, we approached the coastal Mercury Isles and the surrounding reefs. This presented opportunities, and Mike McCormack, our navigator, made the most of them. We separated and ran inside for breeze off the land; each time we would clear an island and look across, the two had slipped back a bit more. Good breeze for us, with a chute up, and their chutes looking a bit soft outside.