Resignation, Please

U$ Ailing

Resignation, Please

By Peter Huston

The $145,000+ that US Sailing spent on the Hall-Rios matter for items which are yet unexplained opens up a serious question about who authorized the expenditure of this much member money. This money was spent as a result of the 2008 Olympic Trials. The Olympic Trials are conducted by the Olympic Sailing Committee, yet it seems that it is the US Sailing general fund that is paying this bill, and certainly the accounting for this expenditure is being laid off to US Sailing, while also attempting to jam it back into the 2007 ledger.  Who was responsible for the authorization of an expenditure that was beyond the $20,000 check writing limit, and/or, one that caused a material budget variance?  Why were the controls that are in place to prevent this from happening not used?  Who on the US Sailing Board or Staff is going to answer for this and be held accountable? What was the US Sailing Board of Directors required to do before spending $145,000 on the Hall-Rios Arbitration, and what they did not do?

When you look at the US Sailing Regulations you see in section 8.02 Authority To Transfer Funds and Sign Checks: