For years, we’ve received requests from our community for an e-mail newsletter with Sailing Anarchy ‘tude and content.  Over the past year, those requests increased substantially, with most people citing restricted internet access at work as the reason why they can no longer fritter away a good portion of their day on SA.  The Blackberry (and other PDA) crowd has also been clamoring for something that works better for them on the road.

We’ve learned to always listen to the Anarchists, and today we will send out our first edition  of  E-Anarchy®, the only e-mail sailing newsletter that you’ll ever need again.  A daily e-mail seems a little unnecessary, so for now, we’ll be hitting you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  However it evolves (and it will, quickly), we guarantee you this:  We’re not going to do what anyone else is.  We won’t send you something that you scan for ten seconds then hit ‘delete’.  E-Anarchy will be more interesting, more entertaining, and more widely read than anything else you find in your inbox. Period.

We’ve been working on E-Anarchy for some time now, and it’s a fair bit of work and will become more as it grows.  But our membership and readership continue to grow beyond all expectations, and we know we need to continually add cool new features that y’all can get a little value from. So sign up for E-Anarchy now. We apologize if your e-mail didn’t make it onto the list – if you haven’t received your copy of E-Anarchy, you’ll need to sign up here to get it and if you have received your first edition, you’ll need to sign up to keep receiving them. Of course it is a free service from yer pals right here at SA.

Good Times