On Board


Hi Anarchists!!!

Just past the the Equator, once again having passed this imaginary line on the globe. The doldrums have played hard again, we were on the receiving end two days ago, but now it is like a mirror and the roles are reversed, the east is bad, the west is best. THANKS Clouds (Roger Badham) and Tom Addis, our two weather gurus for  the homework done.

No doubt a bit lucky, if we hadn’t broken the daggerboard we would have been in the same piece of water as the others, but setting up west of them was always planned. But how this race is going, I think it will be decided in the last 100 miles, there will be park ups again.

One thing I can say, we improved, especially in the more windy conditions downwind, we are still not the rocket ship which I had wished we would be, but we managed to do damage control regarding not losing too much distance. And above all still can see areas for improvement.

In the light medium conditions we slip along nicely, but also here we need to do more work on the sails, it is never ending. You always get more idea’s when you get more miles under your belt. We are not spending any sail cards for the next two legs, so that we have as many as possible fresh sails for the 2nd half of the race where most points are for grabbing.

I think the right strategy, as seen in the two previous races, it is the guys who were setting the tone in the begriming of these races, started losing points in the 2nd half, and Ericsson 4 doesn’t have the speed advantage as ABN AMRO 1. They are good, but not unbeatable.


Bouwe Bekking
Equipo Telefónica .