‘Lumbo 30

Five Years Ago

‘Lumbo 30

It is hard to believe that we were talking about the Columbia 30 five years ago! Wow, time flies. And times change. -Ed.

couldn’t be more enthused by a project than we are about the Columbia
30. We think that a fast, reasonably priced, good looking and versatile
30′ sport boat can be a true success in the market. It wasn’t that long
ago that we introduced our own idea (well, your idea actually) for a 30′
sport boat, The Anarchy 30. We received this commentary on the boat, and
it does give a good analysis, at least from a view outside the project.
We want the ‘Lumbo 30 to kick ass, and we think it will. – Ed

Columbia 30 looks most interesting. However there would seem to be some
ends that do not meet. They want to build a 3,400 lb boat with a complicated
interior (for a 30 foot sport boat); Lifting keel; cockpit seats; bowsprit;
an inboard engine; and build it out of e-glass and vinylester laminate
and have it weigh only 3400 lbs? Not too likely. Here
are a few examples of existing designs, similar in concept: