Rubber Man

Big Pimpin’

Rubber Man

Some may suggest that I will be the new rubber baron of the east coast, but quiet frankly it’s nothing more than selling RIBS in a strip mall. Today is day one. I took ownership of Apex Annapolis today, an opportunity I could not refuse — a complete change from my previous gigs, Regatta-Manager and DirtyDog Eyewear.  Although, I am still flogging my wears to the same crowd. Regatta-Manager has been good to me. The business has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and I was pleased to sign the Transpac as my last customer. 

Apex Annapolis is a retail and wholesale distributor for Apex inflatables.  We also service any brand or make of inflatable, welcome traded-in’s and sell used boats.  My territory covers GA-ME and the Mid West. As always I support the SA crowd and more than happy to hook a brother up. Boyd Tomkies.

The above pic is the fleet of Apex inflatables in Spain for the VOR. picture from Jennifer Langille, SailTrim.Org