Hell Feezes Over, Part II


Hell Feezes Over, Part II

Part two of our long awaited Innerview with the most famous and one of the most successful sailboat racers of all time, Dennis Conner. We pick up with discussion on the America’s Cup. This Innerview is brought to you by loyal SA advertiser the Sailing Pro Shop.Enjoy!

SA:  What do you think of the current America’s Cup mess?  Will it get back on track?

DC: Of course it will.  The reality is that at some point the legal part of the current competition will end.  It’s certainly not the first time the AC has been adjudicated or fought in the court of public opinion.  Lord Dunraven accused the NYYC of cheating at the end of the 19th century – he left, quit and went home.  Alan Bond was accused of cheating in 1983 and never signed the consent agreement that said that he wasn’t.  What happened in ’88 was even closer to what we’re seeing today, with a Deed of Gift match, a multi-year court battle, and acrimony across the board.

Arguing about the interpretation of the Deed of Gift has ALWAYS been part of the Cup – after all, these are rich, powerful, strong, egocentric people trying to win a competition.  It’s no different from big business, and now it’s gone back to its roots – two billionaires duking it out like Sir Thomas Lipton and Vanderbuilt – nothing new here, and sooner or later it will be over, and someone will go racing.