Gains and Loses


Gains and Loses

Yesterday, we were marveling at the fact that the injured Puma was hanging on to the leading pack, today “our” boys are looking at a possible podium place!

A lot of thanks for that go to boat captain Casey Smith, Chris Nicholson, Rob Salthouse and Michi Mueller who worked there asses off to repair Il Mostro, but there’s also an element of profiting from the misfortunes of others.

Green Dragon had a frustrating time, on Sat/Sun, when they got caught to windward of a huge rain cloud in the transition to the trade winds. For over an hour, they didn’t have a ripple on the water and knew from the position reports that everyone, to right and left of them, had wind. This meant they lost 3rd place, to Telefonica Blue, and let Puma get within striking distance, a chance they didn’t fail to pounce on.

Then it was Telefonica Blue’s turn for trouble when they snapped a daggerboard; Bouwe Bekking reported “We destroyed it and had to stop the boat for 45 minutes. Even worse, the little speed we did was on the wrong tack, sailing away from India. Hammers, chisels, hacksaws, everything was out, and in the end, we lowered Pepe (Pepe Ribes/ESP) into the water, to get rid of all the bits and pieces, so that we could lift the board up again. We are now underway again, but way slower than we like.”

The result is that Puma is now in third place, so let’s just hope Sidney Gavignet didn’t tempt providence when he said “No pirates around, only few flying fish. Bring them on, we are looking for action here!”

The stories are on SA Sailing News   The Puma pic from Rick Deppe; the Telefonica from onEdition Photography. Lots more pix and vids are here.