“I Will Blow It Up!”

"I Will Blow It Up!"

An unidentified Puma crew member is shown here holding the il mostro crew hostage, threatening to blow the boat up with his battery powered grinder and traveling coffee cup,which is apparently full of the lethal brew. Thought to be frustrated by the potential race-ending damage to the boat, the crew member is demanding not only 2 million dollars ransom and a helicopter to Belize, but that his story be covered "Only by Mr. Clean from Sailing Anarchy. I trust no one else and I demand that he be airlifted here immediately."

The situation on board seems to be worsening as another crew member was seen attempting to cut his leg off in a move of solidarity while other crewmembers engaged in some unidentified hooded ritual in the background. Developing….(and kidding). Thanks to Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race for the pictures.