Clean and Green


Clean and Green

Sailors for the Sea certifies Clean Regattas around the World

Clean Regattas, a third party certification program established by Sailors for the Sea, helps regattas, yacht clubs and sailing programs voluntarily commit to activities and actions aimed at improving the environment. Participants can choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold level of engagement, and work to fulfill each of that level’s certification requirements. Sailors for the Sea provides support, materials and the final certification that a club or event has achieved the criteria.  The program provides guidance for clubs and events attempting to lessen their environmental impact, as well as recognition to those already taking action on their own. 

The benefits of Clean Regattas certification range from local environmental improvements such as reducing marine debris and toxins in the water, and possible economic advantages including reduced reliance on and costs associated with plastic bottles, fossil fuels and disposable products. By anticipating environmental regulations before they become law, Sailors for the Sea helps clubs and regatta organizers save money by reducing the costly expenses often associated with abrupt, mandatory change.

 What once was limited to the Northeast, Clean Regattas is now gaining international recognition as 2009 will see Clean Regattas taking place on the east and west coasts, the Great Lakes, and the Caribbean. Becoming a Clean Regatta is a simple process.  For more information, and to take a look at the certification checklist and supporting materials, please visit www.sailorsforthesea.org/clean.  If you would like to make your club or event a Clean Regatta, please send Sailors for the Sea an email at [email protected]