Wu Wins

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Wu Wins

Match Racing came alive on the waters off Wu Yuan Bay in Xiamen today during the finals to select the challenger for the China Club Challenge Match. The second day of racing saw a much improved performance due in no small part, I am sure, from the coaching of International Umpire Nev Wittey the day before.

Race 1 and 2 saw penalties handed out for start line incidents, one against SBYC for not keeping up just after the gun with both boats on port at the pin end and Wu Yuan bay SC pushing hard. The other saw SBYC to leeward of a stalled out Wu Yan who couldn’t prevent their boat drifting down on them. Honour equal in both start line penalties and also races 1-1.

The event really lit up in race 3 when with the Yu Yuan team a little eager and into the box a few boat lengths early. They didn’t allow this to cramp their starting style and went after SBYC and started clearly ahead, albeit carrying a penalty. They generally sailed better choices than their opponents from up the coast and built themselves enough time to comfortably unwind their penalty although they were aided in this task when SBYC went fishing with their spinnaker. The Score 2-1 in Wu Yuan’s favour.