It’s The Economy, Stupid

Question of the Week

It’s The Economy, Stupid

So we all know the economy is sick and doesn’t exactly seem to be getting much healthier. With so many of the basic economic foundations in trouble (stocks, banks, housing, auto industry, etc.) some are looking to see how our industry, one built almost entirely on discretionary dollars, might hold up.

So, the question of the week is exactly that: How do you see the sailboat industry weathering this economic storm? Do you see major fallout in the builder/dealer arena? Custom boat builders closing their doors? Sailmakers downsizing and perhaps some not making it? Regattas, participation and other activities declining? Or do you see a general belt tightening without too much damage? What’s your prediction: Doom and gloom or cloudy with a chance of sunshine later in the day? Curious to hear your thoughts and please post them here.

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