Aye of Knut


Aye of Knut

Part II of our InnerView with VOR CEO Knut Frostad

SA:  What team that has been a standout over the last few editions would you like to see back in the event?

KF:  I don’t personally hink about a specific team, more about some personalities that I’d love to see involved.  I’d like to see Grant Dalton, for example – he’d be a great person to be back in the race.  I’m pretty keen to get a French team back in the race.  It would be great to see a strong French team back in the race.  They know the boats, they know the routes, it would be exciting to see France represented.

SA:  What stopover port are you most excited about, and why?

KF:  I’m pretty excited about India, in Cochin.  The reason is that I feel that it’s something new for sailing.  I think it’s really healthy for the sport, because the sailors and the teams and the whole race is  too used to going to great yacht clubs and marinas where everything is in perfect shape – travelifts and cranes and everything you need.  Here we’re going into the terminal in Cochin, a place where the people have never seen a modern sailboat in their life.