Things are Breaking


Things are Breaking

Update from onboard the Green Dragon
Position: 39,41.17S , 40,28.73E
I am sorry to report that we have just broken our boom in a 50 knot squall.  We are in the process of recovering the parts. The situation is under control with no harm or risk to anyone. We are carrying on downwind.

Speak soon,
Ian Walker, Skipper Green Dragon

From Puma
Leg 2 Day 4

Not to sound like I am whining, but I think I will anyway.

Last night sucked…or it was great- if you are a boat builder or a sailmaker looking for work.  Yikes!!!  The proverbial "you know what" hit the fan when we got about as vertical in a sailboat as you ever want to be going down a big dark wave that sort of snuck up on us, and when going straight down a big wave the inevitable bow crash is coming into the wave in front…but this time was different.  Not only did the bow crash into the wave but the prod, the bow pulpit and about 15 feet up the Asymmetric Spinnaker we had up at the time.  BANG!  Spinnaker in many pieces and a long night for Justin Ferris.