Volvo Veracity


Volvo Veracity

VOR CEO Knut Frostad talked to us after the Cape Town restart of the Volvo Ocean Race.

SA:  So you must be pleased with the extremely exciting start that we watched online on Saturday.  You were on the water – what did you think?

KF:  I think from the racing side it was as good as it could be, with close racing, five different boats leading the first part of the leg, constantly fighting for position – I can’t recall that happening before.

SA:  I can’t recall seeing boats set off at 25+ knots and then 20 minutes later sitting totally becalmed.

KF:  No, that was pretty amazing, that’s for sure.  We have good race going on and we hope it will stay that way.

SA:  It seems like the teams are just more competitive than the last time – the field is deeper.  Do you agree?

KF:  Definitely.  All the teams are better prepared, they have been sailing more, they have the boats in better shape.  I think you’ll find that the best crew from the last race, the ABN guys are spread among four or five boats I think, so that really brings the new guys up to speed quicker, which is pretty good.