Lonely Lady / Angry Man


Lonely Lady

Every anarchists favourite Vendee entrant, Sam Davies, is lonely on Roxy and wondering where everyone is.

“I have noticed lately the lack of company out here. I’m talking about on the water. Since crossing paths with Dee several days ago, I have seen NOBODY. No ships, no birds, no flying fish….. It’s like everyone is on holiday! Is it holiday? I know it is Sunday today but still…”

“Last night, one ship was kind enough to make my active echo "beep" quite a lot, so I went out to see where it was, only to discover it was a "stealth" ship, as I couldn’t see it anywhere. This morning, I had a visit from a lonely dolphin! He was all on his own too, so he swam alongside Roxy for a while, as if to reassure us, and then he too disappeared off to wherever everyone else is hiding. I just hope the wind doesn’t decide to head off there too!”