Delivery Anarchy

Local knowledge

Delivery Anarchy

This J105 was heading out of Stamford Harbor one morning last week on their way to
an undetermined destination for its winter haul. The weather window was
spectacular for mid-November, temperature in the mid-50’s, crystal clear
sky’s and a brisk wind at 20kts out of the west.

However, there was one navigation related problem. The professional
delivery crew decided not to follow the marked channel and set a course
out of the East opening in the breakwater. Anyone familiar with Stamford
Harbor knows that there is only one way through the breakwater, through
the clearly marked channel in the center, in between the red and green
lights and buoys, where the big 100′ aggregate and oil barges travel.

I would generally not be so harsh but it turns out that the crew were
hired professionals not amateurs or tourists visiting from out of town. On
this premise alone I felt it appropriate to offer some basic tips:

  1. Be sure to have current charts on board.
  2. Be sure you leave instructions for the crew to read the charts.
  3. Meet crew on boat and "point" them in the right direction.
  4. Hell… it’s November and it’s over 50 degrees…..do the damn delivery

– Anarchist Tony.