Where They At?


Where They At?

The Vendee guys and gals have mostly settled into a routine and started to look back on the first week, so it’s a good time for us to look back on where the Ocean Racing Anarchy no hopers are! It’s no surprise to any Anarchist that Loick Peyron is in the lead with Jean Le Cam chasing, but Dee Caffari might have caused a few words to be eaten. She is in the first half of the fleet (just) and survived conditions that several more experienced guys didn’t. Her comments on the first 48 hours were “It was terrible. There was a lot of shipping around and the seas were horrendous. All that crashing into the waves wouldn’t have done Aviva any good at all but she was really good and I haven’t found any damage as yet. Since then I have been concentrating on eating and sleeping and I feel quite a lot better now but need to get on top of everything down below, there are quite a few jobs to do down there.’

In fact, as the weather calmed and Dee approached the Portuguese trade winds she and fellow female skipper Sam Davies were in such close proximity that they were able to enjoy a well earned cup of tea whilst chatting away on their VHF radios. What did they talk about? The photos of nude men that Dee’s shore had placed on board Aviva!  

That other source of Ocean Anarchy criticism, Jonny Malbon, is in 18th place and last of the British contingent, but at least he is still in the race!  Malbon commented “I am not very pleased with my position in the fleet and it is going to take an awful lot of hard work to get back up there. Maybe I was a bit too easy on the boat, which meant that when the cold front went through I was quite far behind. I am tinged with frustration, but also happy that I made the right decision.” Stories are here and  vids and pix are here. Thanks to Beth Perry for the above shot.