So, It’s Thursday

Reader Rant

So, It’s Thursday

This is the day e-mails go back and forth and around about last night’s racing. Who did what.
Who fouled and didn’t do their turns and who didn’t report one. And, who brags about telling on
himself when nobody else saw what he did. This is the last Thursday this will happen for a few

For a few months.

For a lot of months.

This is the last Thursday for an untold hell of months I won’t be looking forward to Wednesday

This is my gate of hell.

Most people consume their weeks from Monday to Sunday; some others go Sunday to Saturday.
I’m of the cloth that my weeks go from Wednesday to Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I’m making
sure the house is tidied up and bills are paid and the cat litter box is clean because tomorrow,
Wednesday, race day, I won’t have time. Afterall, we might need to clean the bottom of the boat.
We might want to go out a bit early because it’s going to be windy (or windier than usual) and we
want to test the course. Or, we might have to give a tow to somebody who is stranded
otherwise. Who knows, it could be a million things. And, all those possibilities are all played out
on Tuesday afternoon and night as I fall asleep to the Heavy Weather Sailing video Mickey gave
me a few weeks ago. Hell, this is the foul weather sailing as far as I’m concerned. No sailing.
Watching sailing. Talking about sailing and not doing the sailing. The trimming. The listening
for luffing, the looking for fetch on the water. The looking around for other boats stealing our
wind or heading up on us at the mark. Jerks.