Scottish Survey Report Published

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Scottish Survey Report Published

Back in the Spring, many Scottish boat owners took part in a survey by the Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association on what they wanted from racing both at club and wider regatta level. The Survey was jointly funded by the Clyde Cruising Club who, at the time, were looking at introducing a new format to CYCA classes at the Bell Lawrie Scottish Series.

"We had hoped to have the survey results published in the early Summer but we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responses we received. We sent out 1,600 forms and had nearly 700 back which was some 500 more than we were expecting. The volume meant it took us much longer to analyse the data, draw conclusions and write the Final Report.", admitted Donald McLaren, the CYCA’s Hon Secretary.

The work is thought to be the most comprehensive survey of keel boat owners in the UK as to why they do or do not race. It is also believed to be the first, and largest, exercise of its kind ever carried out in the UK as well as a first for CYCA.

"The 1,600 owners we surveyed are those who form the backbone of the wider Scottish racing fleet. They are the owners who come out week after week in the family yacht to race with their clubs and in their local regattas. To put the numbers in perspective, the number of Scottish boats holding an IRC handicap averages just 70 – a small percentage when compared to those holding a CYCA handicap. Through the survey, we gave a voice to the owner who enjoys his or her racing but whose needs may not be met by current race calendars." Read it.