Another report for SA readers from Bouwe Bekking, skipper of Telefonica Blue.

It has been a very busy time for both our teams here in Capetown. The stop over was (too) short and we had a lot things to cover. Not only boatworks, but above all analyzing the performance during the first leg. We know we lost miles when the breeze was over 25 knots when running, and we have come up with several solutions to make us go better. Of course time will tell, but in general I felt very confident how both boats have been performing.

The weather right now is just heinous in Capetown, gusts up to 70 knots have been reported, and it is pouring down rain. Not an ideal situation, 3 days before the start and both boats still out of the water. It looks like Thursday and Friday will be very busy, as we still have to load the boats. But all the competitors are in the same situation, so that‘s the only comfort we have. It is just a matter to get the everything onboard and go for quick sail, so that we can look at all the re-cuts we did on the sails. But you will see that from this current big storm the breeze will die completely, so it might be that we can only see what we have done during the leg.

Just finished a piracy meeting/briefing, where all crews were present. We are going to sail in unknown territories, and encountering one of these pirate ships would not be a nice thing. The change is very little, but we have learned some tricks to prevent this a s much as possible… Time will tell.