Justice For Hall – Follow the Money

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Justice For Hall – Follow the Money

By Peter Huston

The photographic evidence of the slice in Nancy Rios’ sail has generated a lot of discussion.  The question becomes this: based on this evidence, how did the Jury, led by Larry White, come to the conclusion that this was serious damage, and that it caused Rios to perform differently on the race course? 

The next question is why did US Sailing use paid lawyers to defend the ruling by White?  We know from the US Sailing Board minutes that they have spent more than $145,000 on the Rios-Hall matter.  What we do not know is who was paid how much and for what.  We also know that US Sailing is going to shove this cost back into the 2007 ledger. I repeatedly asked US Sailing’s President, Jim Capron, for an accounting of where this $145,000 went, but he has refused to answer the question, saying there is still pending litigation.  I was not asking him to comment on pending litigation, though the responsible thing for the President to do would be to admit at least what the litigation involves.  All I asked was who was paid how much and for what out of this $145,000 of US Sailing member money.