On Tour

On Tour

A committee lead by William Borel: Sailing Director of the Tour de France a la Voile, met in Saint-Tropez on the 3rd of November to define the specifications of the boat that will succeed the M30 for the 2011 edition. Participating on the committee were renowned skippers Bertrand Pacé, Daniel Souben, Bernard Mallaret and Dimitri Deruelle. All are well known for their involvement in the event, excellent knowledge of the course and previous strong performances. Other participants included two representatives from the French Sailing Federation. Philippe Gouard, National Technical Director and Marc Bouvet, Head of keelboat sailing at the Federation.

10 essential characteristics were defined to ensure the new boat meets the expectations of the event and its sailors. This official announcement from the organizers of the Tour de France a la voile is addressed directly at designers and builders who envisage proposing a new boat.

The first deadline for propositions is the 31 January 2009, date by which proposals must be received by the organizers of Tour de France à la Voile *. Depending on the number of responses, a short list of maximum 3 boats will be established. To allow sufficient time to develop the projects seriously a period of at least 6 months is necessary. The final choice of the boat for 2011 will be announced at the next Tour de France à la Voile (i.e. before the 31s of July 2009).

10 essential characteristics for the Tour de France a la Voile’s new boat