Long Time, No AC


Long Time, No AC

After a year sitting on her cradle, Desafío Español’s America’s Cup yacht ESP 97 sailed today. It was a sunny day in Valencia and, with 8 knots of wind, the team had perfect conditions to test the boat alter it had been reassembled, ready for CNEV’s second annual regatta, this coming weekend.  

Tactician, John Cutler, said: “We went out there and practiced basic manouvers to remind ourselves how to sail this boat. It has been a year since ESP 97 last sailed and we had to check her. Everything worked well. The shore team and the crew did a good job putting the boat together. Is really good to be back sailing on an ACC yacht!." Laureano Wizner added: “It has been a very special day. We had to remember how to approach the mark, the communications on board, the reactions of the boat and how to anticipate every manoeuvre”.

Desafio is nobody’s idea of the best AC program, but it does though make one almost yearn for the good old days of…two years ago! Pic by José Jordan. More Desafio pix here.