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US Sinkingships

The annual plea for money from U$ $ailing has hit the mailboxes and interweb.  Last year, it was trying to raise money for “sailorships” – sort of a scholarship for kids to learn to race.  Not a bad idea, but there’s probably better ways to spend the money than on just an individual.

In keeping this year with the same theme, the geniuses in Newport came up with yet another whack variation on that idea, but now they will be called “Race Officialships”.  You got it, they are giving away donated money to younger people so they can attend their overpriced Judging, Race Official and Umpire seminars.  We kid you not, read about it here .  Here’s an idea, how about taking that donated money, and running these seminars for free, for anyone who wants to attend instead of a select few people.

Best of all, this letter is not signed by anyone who actually is a certified Race Officer, Judge, or Umpire.  It’s not signed by the President, who actually is certified.  It’s not signed by the Chairperson of Judges, Race Officials or Umpires.  It’s signed by the Executive Director Charlie Leighton, and Board member Gary Jobson, neither of whom are certified race officers, judges, or umpires.  Of course, this is the same Gary Jobson who claimed to be a Group 2 sailor in Sailing World, but after we called him out on that, he changed his Group status to 3.  So we are supposed to want to listen to him when it comes to certification for Judges?