Good News/Bad News


Good News/Bad News

Ericsson 3 sailed into Cape Town third, but ended up fifth, thanks to penalty points for a rule violating keel. The good news for them is that a compliant keel, made in Italy, was awaiting them well ahead of schedule.

Behind Ericsson 3 were Green Dragon, who might well have beaten them but for keel damage caused by striking some sea creature, behind them cblemsme Telfonica Blue and who knows where they would have been, but for a mandatory 12 hour stop in GIb after rudder promblems?

Next came Team Russia, which appeared to have made devastating navigational errors in the Doldrums, but came back strongly, followed by Delta Lloyd, which was slowed by self inflicted damage to a spreader, which severely limited sail choice. Still at sea is Telefonica Black, handicapped by a jury rigged rudder and torn off bow sprit.  It all adds up to the fact that, Ericsson 4 apart, there is no clear favourite for the second VOR leg from Cape Town to Cochin.  This pic by Rick Tomlinson/VOR. More pix and vids here.