Those Rules


Those Rules

The Rules in Practice is the new and updated guide to the ISAF Racing
Rules. This guide looks at 100 key situations that occur on the racecourse,
both championship and club racing, looking at each situation from your
viewpoint, summarising what each may, must or cannot do. This updated
guide contains colour diagrams to explain the rules clearly and applies
to yachts, dinghies and windsurfers.

Written by ISAF member Bryan Willis, who has chaired a number of Olympic
and World Sailing events, this is the indispensable guide for anyone
that wants to race at any sort of level. Order

* Bryan Willis is the rules expert
* Fantastic colour diagrams to explain the rules clearly
* Features full information on the rules plus all of the appendices
* Applies to yachts, dinghies and windsurfers

Remeber, Bryan will personally answer your rules question as part of
our new "Ask the Rules Guy" series. Simply send
them in